To donate hair / fur / fleece we ask everyone to sign up here because warehouse space is limited so we cannot always accept boxes of clippings. However, we can ALWAYS accept envelopes of ponytails (3 inches or longer) - we use these for the mats' scrim. Thank you!

Learn more about Clean Wave, Matter of Trust’s signature program, and how we use your hair in disaster-relief and in storm drains to keep waterways clean.

Salons and groomers, post your donations here. When there is a need, your donation will be requested. Then you can simply put the (100% debris-free) clippings into your bulk shampoo boxes and mail them to our collection warehouses - you'll receive an address once you've been matched. Hair boxes that include debris (clips, cigarettes, food, paper, sticks, hair ties, etc) will have to be thrown away, so as to prevent breaking the felting machine needles.

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